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Physical Growth

The Martial Arts are no joke – they take a ton of strength, endurance, and resilience. But with big challenges come big rewards. In the Martial Arts, practitioners typically partake in high-intensity sparring rounds, which require you to put all of your energy, focus, and strength into a short window of time. This type of exercise is great for burning calories and shedding pounds, as well as refining your mental sharpness. After just a few months of Martial Arts training, you’ll notice newfound flexibility, a wider range of motion, and longer bouts of endurance.

Teen Martial Arts


You can gain strength from pretty much any type of exercise. So what makes Martial Arts different?

We’re glad you asked! While many other workouts strengthen isolated muscles, Martial Arts simultaneously utilizes groups of muscles. Martial Arts builds three muscle groups in particular: the core muscles, the lower torso, and the upper torso. When you’re regularly using a variety of muscle groups, you’re preparing yourself for a wide range of sports and exercises, as well as building the skill set needed to defend yourself in real-life altercations.

Mental Health

Because the Martial Arts require so much focus, they are an amazing way to relieve the stress of high school exams, friendship troubles, and college applications. When you step on the mat, there’s no time to think about anything besides the opponent in front of you. Not to mention, these quick and high-intensity sparring sessions are known for releasing a ton of endorphins. These feel-good hormones will boost your mood and give you the energy needed to tackle all of the stressors life may throw at you.

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